Travel Accessories

  • Air Canada Luggage Strap

    Air Canada Luggage Strap

    The heavy-duty travel pro that helps keep luggage closed Built durable and travel-tough with sure-shut, snap-lock buckle Adjusts to fasten suitcases up to 72" (183 cm) Distinctive design makes luggage ID easy

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  • Air Canada Travel Pillow

    Air Canada Travel Pillow

    Soft wrap-around pillow design cradles your head and neck 17" (43cm) x 11" (28cm) when inflated Expands to desired firmness for personal comfort Handy pouch to pack flat for suitcase 

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  • Air Canada TSA Key Locks

    Air Canada TSA Key Locks

    Travel Sentry Key Locks set of 2 Helps the TSA focus on its mission of securing air travel Each Travel Sentry™ Certified Lock has a special identification mark alerting the TSA that they can open this lock without destroying it Each of...

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