• Flashfire Cobra Throttle

    Flashfire Cobra Throttle

    Take your flight simulation to the next level by adding dedicated throttle control hardware to drastically improve your precision, speed and POV manoeuvrability with an integrated hat-switch...

    US$ 59.89
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  • Flashfire V5 Joystick

    Flashfire V5 Joystick

    This extremely versatile joystick is perfect for everyone, from beginners to advanced flight enthusiasts. With Hall Sensor Technology, 4-axis flight freedom and 23 programamble buttons, the sky...

    US$ 89.85
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  • Flashfire V6 Joystick

    Flashfire V6 Joystick

    Designed for flight combat, the Cobra V6 is the close range dogfighter's choice joystick due to its friendly ergonomic stick design, satisfying trigger and programmable buttons along the base...

    US$ 104.84
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