Flight Bags

  • ASA Dispatch Bag

    ASA Dispatch Bag

    The Dispatch Bag is great for pilots, crew, and aviation professionals alike. Conveniently sized and designed for folks on-the-go, the Dispatch Bag is lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for use in both airplane and helicopter cockpits. Made of...

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  • ASA Flight Bag

    ASA Flight Bag

    The ASA Flight Bag is large enough to fit everything a pilot needs and more without being too bulky too manage. Made with durable, water-repellent 600D polyester, this bag has sturdy comfort grip connectable handles, a non-slip detachable carry strap,...

    CA$ 99.95
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  • ASA Tablet Bag

    ASA Tablet Bag

    Don't let the name of the new ASA AirClassics® Tablet Bag fool you. This bag will hold a lot more than just a tablet, in fact, it has plenty of room for a 13" laptop and a tablet. It will also hold a headset, charts, a plotter, logbook,...

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  • ASA Trip Bag

    ASA Trip Bag

    This is the bag you need for your overnight and weekend cross-country flying adventures! Carry your headsets, charts and approach plates with room left over for snacks, toiletries and a change of clothes. Designed for maximum utility with durable...

    CA$ 99.95
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  • Brightline B4 Swift Echo Bag

    Brightline B4 Swift Echo Bag

    The B4 SWIFT-ECHO makes a perfect VFR Flight Bag for Airline Captains as there is room for one or two headsets, one or two iPad, a full-sized water bottle, plus all the small stuff you'll want along for the ride. The B4...

    CA$ 259.95
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  • Brightline B7 Echo Flight Bag

    Brightline B7 Echo Flight Bag

    The B7 FLIGHT is perhaps the most useful flight bag ever designed. It's a fact that some days you need more gear than others. The B7 lets you carry a full set of flight gear for cross country and basic IFR flight. And then it lets you downsize to a...

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