Aviation Headsets

  • ASA HS-1 AirClassics Headset

    Good communications are essential for a successful flight. ASA provides this in the HS-1A with the most advanced technology, maximum comfort, high-quality components, and sleek look — all for a reasonable price! Designed, engineered, and...

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  • Clarity Aloft Stereo Headset

    The Classic features crystal clear stereo sound and robust noise reduction in an amazingly lightweight headset. It is in use in a wide variety of aviation environments including helicopters, aerobatic aircraft, ultralights, open-cockpit and radial engine...

    US$ 527.97
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  • David Clark H10-13S (Stereo)

      Super Soft, Double Foam Head Pad New Comfort gel, undercut ear seals Certified Noise Reduction Rating - 23 dB Reduced headband force Universal Flex Boom for perfect microphone placement Exclusive M-7A, the most advanced noise-cancelling...

    US$ 330.35
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  • David Clark H20-10 Headset

      Made from Advanced Composite Material Exclusive Custom Comfort System: Extremely lightweight Patented headpad suspension that touches your head like a soft pillow Special headband design cradles your head just enough to block the...

    US$ 346.94
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  • David Clark One-X ENC Hybrid Headset

    David Clark One-X ENC Hybrid Headset

    headset features the perfect combination of comfort, technology and durability. From the moment you put it on, you’ll notice the difference. The feel of plush, leatherette ear seals that enclose your ears in comfort. The soft, Outlast® fabric,...

    US$ 905.12
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  • David Clark Pro-X Hybrid ENC

    Hybrid ENC Technology in a Supra Aural (Rest on Ear) Headset Design Leading edge technology and sleek, supra aural design puts the new DC PRO-X a generation ahead of any other aviation headset in its class. The perfect combination of comfort and...

    US$ 712.78
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  • Telex Airman7 Headset

    Telex Airman7 Headset

    Sound Quality The Airman 7 features a high-quality amplified electret microphone for clear voice transmission. Durability A strong stainless steel headband with metal pivots improves durability for long headset life. The new microphone boom design...

    US$ 279.05
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  • SALE
    Telex Airman8 Headset

    Telex Airman8 Headset

    Sound Quality The Airman 8 features a high-quality amplified electret microphone for clear voice transmission. Improved ANR and microphone noise cancellation ensures superior in-flight communication. Active Noise Reduction The Airman 8 headset...

    US$ 420.86
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