• Aviator Tiger

    This Tiger served as a legendary member of the famed Flying tiger Squadron, who flew over the skies of Burma and China. He wears a flight jacket, goggles and has a Flying Tiger logo on his scarf. 10 inches tall.

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  • Boeing Aviator Bear - Brown

    This sweet little bear is all bundled up for flight. His soft caramel-colored fur is dressed in a brown aviator jacket and hat with a scarf branded with the Boeing logo. He's made of 100% polyester and measures 4.25" X 4.25" X 5.5". Surface-wash only...

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  • Dusty Aviator Dog

    Dusty is a good ole farmer who flys his Piper Cub off of his grass strip out behind his barn. He just loves to fly low and slow. It doesn't get any better than this. 12 in. Tall

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  • Turbo Cub Aviator Bear

    Cute pot bellied 10" bear named Turbo Cub. Turbo Cub installed a small turbo prop engine in his airplane. Now he has the only Piper Cub that can break the sound barrier

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